I am Ajay Shukla, born in a Brahmin family in India, so Numerology, Palmistry, and Astrology are part of my legacy. In the future,I will add the other two aspects of fortune telling namely Palmistry and Astrology.

 Numerology is part of our life as we see numbers everywhere. Every number has a specific meaning and by using every number correctly we change our lives.

 Normally people do not understand the language of numbers.This website is an initiative to tell the hidden meaning of numbers. We just want to make everyone aware of the secrets of Numerology.

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I am Meghna and I am a Professional Numerologist and Tarot Card Reader Since 2011.
​Numerology, as the name suggests is a universal language of numbers & numbers behind letters.  Normally everyone thinks that its some kind of mentalism act. But it is not, it’s related to perfect number calculation which affects your life directly. Every Holy book is full of Number references Like Vedas & Bible.
Numbers are really so powerful. If you know the language of numbers you can prevent yourself from many big problems.
One more Fact you should know that your birth date is not in your control but after some excise with your name, You can change your Fate like U-turn. From most unlucky to very lucky. Believe me, And if you are here reading this means there is something which needs to change. ​