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Numerology is the study of how numbers affect individuals and their character traits. The personality number 6 is grounded in nurturing the others and is called the”Mother” number. Every person has been influenced by more than one number, however, one in particular will direct most of their interactions and situations in life. Those who are personality number 6 possess a make-up based in loving and being loved.


Numerology personality number 6s are loving and caring people. They are born caregivers. They’re concerned with humankind and serene outcomes at any cost. They’re famous for their giving nature and warmth. They tend to be happiest in surroundings with which they’re familiar. They like home and harmony. They can be artistic in nature.


Number 6s are joyful when teaching others and assisting. They tend to attract those needing some relaxation. They are selfless and will go to great lengths to ensure the peace and happiness of the others. They are inclined to be level-headed and accept their duties very seriously. When working toward a goal, number 6s can be very patient. When they’re fixing things for others, curing an ailment or righting a perceived wrong, they are happiest.


Personality number 6s may have a superiority complex. They are inclined to apply a station in existence to themselves before having attained that channel. They tend to subscribe entirely to an organized belief system that limits their eyesight. They must learn to think outside of the box in which they are comfortable so as to raise and sustain relationships. Number 6s can have the tendency to be self-righteous and might do well to recognize and squash that attribute.

Number 6s are generous to a fault. They will give completely of themselves without any concern for their own welfare. They could entice disadvantaged people because of their nurturing and giving nature. These folks will make the most of this helpfulness of the number 6. The desire to keep harmony is so strong at the number 6 that they can do so to their own detriment. Number 6s should maintain their own welfare in mind when interacting with other people and learn to raise their own awareness of people who look to take advantage of those.

The number 6 isn’t powerful with fiscal issues. They ought to learn early to realize that this isn’t a logical area for them. They tend to internalize stress and must learn how to take care of it in a positive way.


The number 6 is sensitive and does not do well in high pressure work atmospheres. Careers in teaching or the arts could be suitable for anyone who have the number 6. Work involving caring for others, such as some health care professions, are most appropriate for these folks. They tend to stay loyal to their livelihood and their standing for many years. Fulfillment comes, not in the job itself, but from working with and for individuals.


Numerology personality number 6 will be the most affectionate and nurturing of numbers. They will often other people at the expense of these. They value harmony above all else. They must learn how to look after themselves in their interactions with others. Their understanding and caring nature will attract people in need of relaxation and they’ll feel fulfilled in supplying that comfort.

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