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by Jun 19, 2019Personality Numbers

You’re numerology personality number 11. You have been fighting internal battles most of your life however you stay humble and kind. Let us take a closer look at your personality.


You’re quite shy as a child and many of these feelings still remain to this day. You battle with anxiety and avoid any situations where you may feel stressed. You’re silent and try to stay low key.

This silent nature is reflected on your clothes style as well as your speech. You rarely take risks or talk your thoughts to strangers. It’s tough for you to really open up to strangers therefor your circle of friends is small and tight knit.


You are really kind, caring and warm hearted. Your nearest and dearest know that they can depend on you being there for them at a time of need. The opposite sex is brought to your kind heart and fierce loyalty. You’d make the perfect life companion for somebody.

Your gentle personality makes you a simple person to talk to. Many of your friends come to you when they’re going through difficult times in their lives. People feel they confide in you and you are always willing to help.

Although you can be timid and introverted at times, you genuinely enjoy helping people. You will do very well in almost any position in which you choose the role of teacher.

You enjoy being alone. This is when you can truly unwind. You devote a lot of time in deep thought.

Conflicts cause you major strain and stress and you avoid them at any cost. Struggling with loved ones leaves you feeling drained both physically and emotionally. The unwanted effects of a conflict can leave you feeling sad for days.


Your kind heart and gentle character may lead to people making the most of you. You only see the good in people and this could be your downfall. Fake buddies may confound you. A lover might con you.

The world needs more sensitive and caring individuals for yourself but don’t let people take advantage of you. Many will take your kindness for weakness. Remain the caring friend that others can lean on, but don’t allow individuals to play with you for a fool.

Your nervousness frequently prevents you from taking risks. Even small dangers like dressing in a different style can seem like an uncomfortable suggestion.

Try to measure from your comfort zone and attempt new things. Do something each day that scares you. This will help you grow as a person with time.

Any sort of argument or conflict deeply disturbs you. Confrontations of any kind cause you great distress and anxiety. You often ignore problems with family and friends so as to avoid the uncomfortable conflict.

You are better off dealing with the matter straight away and then getting over it. Handle the problem as best as possible and then work past it. Learn to leave the past behind and live at the moment.

Your anxiety is a product of your thoughts. Try meditation to clear your mind and take charge of your damaging thought patterns. Try spending some time each day doing things to naturally cure your stress .

Personality number 11 provides you with a caring and sensitive person. You are very much loved and appreciated by your family and friends. Learn to step out of your comfort zone and life will only get better.


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