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Soul Urge Number 1 Or Heart Desire Number 1

by Jun 15, 2019Soul Urge Numbers

The Soul urge number 1 or Heart Desire Number 1

Soul urge number 1: Heart Desire and soul number are both the same thing with different names. Now we can discuss further on this topic. The primary vibration of 1 is independence, individuality, and achievement. It also represents leadership. The Sun is the master of soul urge 1. Sun controllers and guides these people. According to Indian Vedas Sun is the king of our solar system.

Moreover, everyone knows that The Sun is the source of life too. So, the person with soul urge 1 or heart desire number 1 are the kings in their minds. They have clarity of purpose, thought, and action.

They are more attached to their ideas than the truth if they believe they are on the right path. We can say these people are right & challenging to convince to change their opinions, behavior, or decisions. They understand situations very well and have a God Gift to formulate their thoughts quickly. 

Video on Soul Number 1 or Heart Desiger Number 1

The Soul urge number one is a person who has a clear view of life and a unique point of view. They dominate all they encounter in their lives. These people are sober and robust, punctual, clean, and organized in all their manifestations. They are strong personalities and require a lot of respect and attention. They are capable of taking care of others and expect that everyone will see him as a leader. You can make them yourself, and they are so easy to get along with your friends.

Soul number 1 signifies that people with this soul urge number 1 are blessed with power and can get help from the authorities. He has been fortunate all his life. So, they are “Lucky.” They love freedom and hate abstinence. They are open to new ideas and will try everything they can to use modern technology and methods. They bring new perspectives to well-known ideas. Resourcefulness and creativity are second nature to them so, they are extra optimistic. They are more determined than others and can do heavy physical work.

They are spiritually able and have great hearts. Sometimes people think, they are full of anger, envy, or discontent. But it is a wrong perception about them. But is, You can see honesty, productivity, decency, and devotion in their work. Most of all, they make the right decisions when the right circumstances present themselves. These characteristics help them rise above others. Because I think about ways to go higher, people with the Soul desire number 1 are better at work. They work hard and are busy. They become discouraged, sad, pessimistic, and irritable if they fail.

What does it mean if your Soul Urge Number 1 is?

Your soul urge number will tell you a lot about your personality and what traits are most likely to go along with your inner guidance from spirit.

  • As the master is the SUN, so you are a born leader, not a follower. Your independence and originality make you a natural leader.
  • Others respect you, and people at work and home look up to you as a leader.
  • Strong personality traits make you a leader. You are the focal point of attention and often the life and soul of the party.
  • You can be rigid. Some negative traits can result from being a strong personality and a natural leader. One of these is your tendency to be stiff. It’s often your way or the highway. Your inner wisdom often tells you to relax if you feel resistance in expressing yourself this way.
  • You are thoughtful. Being a natural leader is a sign that you are responsible and intelligent. You wouldn’t be the center of attention if you weren’t.
  • You are more likely to succeed than you think. Success comes naturally if your inner wisdom is aligned with your soul’s purpose and purpose.
  • You have a tendency to create the conditions you want at will.


Delaying things is not in your character. The demand for independence informs every aspect of your life. Other men and women seem to you for direction, confirming your view that you are the only qualified leader. Often you are right. You are smart and insightful. Your perspective does not always align with traditional perspectives, something that those are looking up for your honor. Your enthusiasm and devotion are contagious. People who follow you immediately share your own beliefs. Your belief that you are in the center of drives you to succeed. This self-centered attitude enables you to treat whatever you do with the seriousness demanded of a born leader. It can also work against you.

Emotions are not your strong suit. You find the big picture rather than the individuals. Moreover, it does not mean that you eschew relationships. You are a loyal friend and fair in all your dealings, whether company or private. Take care that you do not miss the feelings of others. Your dominant character may easily overpower others, including your partner and loved ones. If you have a soul urge number 1, then focusing on creating friendliness and sincerity in your relationships will help save you a world of trouble.


Your potent convictions need an audience. You do well in places of authority and leadership, regardless of the area. Work hard and rise to the surface. You will not ever be satisfied working on the lower rungs of the company hierarchy. Your work ethic and ability to make the ideal decisions even under stress help you search for purpose.


Ones make outstanding entrepreneurs. As one, you have the drive and the motivation to create a plan and stay with it. Your business ventures are generally successful and rewarding. You do not shy from responsibility, and you embrace it. Your inclination to criticize without needing kindly criticism means that you chafe at the bit unless you are the boss.


You want a supportive partner as a person. Your perception that you know best will cause conflict in your relationships. Loving a leader is not easy. Be patient with your partner and make sure you remind him or her how much you care and appreciate how patient they are with you.


Bear in mind that not everybody wants to be led. Your weaknesses lie in the very qualities that make you such a compelling individual. The number of folks who appear for you furthers your perception that you are in the center of everything. 

It would be best if you were in the middle of attention is a double-edged sword. It compels you to push your limits of success. Moreover, it also comes across as arrogance. Surround yourself with people that are ready to share your beliefs. Sharing the spotlight is not in your nature. Competition can show an unflattering side of you that’s best left hidden. Be skeptical of the dark side of this soul urge. You have to attempt to avoid it to become the leader and innovator you would like to be.

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