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Corona Numerology: 2020 Pandemic

by Sep 15, 2020Numerology Secrets

Corona Numerology: 2020 Pandemic

Corona Numerology: Apparently, numerology specialists understood all along that 2020 was likely to be a doozy of a year. Stephanie Nuzzo talked to instinctive psychic readers Josy Curcio to describe why and when we could anticipate 2021 to be some greater…

Now, I believe we can all concur that 2020 is history’s equal to a burning bag of dog sh*t sitting on your front step.

We have been dealt with an awful hand this past year. In the space of five weeks, we have contended with catastrophic bushfires, the danger of world war three (remember that?); an international pandemic; an economic meltdown.

Fed up with all the trajectory 2020 is down us, I thought I would find some advice. I talked with psychic readers Josy Curcio concerning the numerology for 2020 and exactly what it could tell us concerning the year.

As it happens, the reply to this is a complete lot.

Before we dive into this religious journey, allow me to point out that your very best source of information during the coronavirus catastrophe is that of business specialists. Government upgrades and statements in the World Health Organisation should be the first port of call. However, if you have intereste in researching numerology as something extra, that is your privilege right.

So, what exactly did Curcio state?

Corona Numerology is a guiding instrument:

“A number comes with an effect, has a character,” Curcio started. “And enjoy characters in life – we have got our negative traits. We have got our favorable traits – in numerology, you have got negative and positive [too].”

She clarified the significance and character behind every number makes it possible for the world to nudge people in the perfect direction. “Upstairs always attempts to direct us by showing us amounts here and there,” she explained.

If you are new to numerology, then the easiest way to describe this course of action is that each of the numbers you have before you access a digit. Then it is possible to decode the significance attached to your amount. By way of instance, if you included the amounts in 1989, you receive 27. Two and seven are eight. Although most of the amounts from 1989 have value, the last amount (nine) is important. “This last amount is the principal effect,” Curcio clarified.


Every year, we are given a few that affects our expertise:

Curcio clarified that”such as the Oriental zodiac, annually that the amounts change.” It sets the tone for this year.

Corona numerology directs the year 2020 is a doozy for a couple of factors. The first being the existence of double-digits. “When we view double-digits, the effect is amplified,” Curcio said. The simple fact that we see two twos and two zeros is vital. “The number two… it is about bettering your self-growth,” she shared.

On a worldwide level, she stated this amount suggests demand for us to have a minute to”examine our individuality.” “As a country, who the hell are we? As individuals; society; or faith… Or as any association that we have begun to make, who the hell are we? Can we be true to ourselves?” She explained.

Then there is the double zero.

“The double-zero, it is a small terrifying effect,” she began. “The zero signifies either a pit; being at the shadow… or it attracts a pool of chances and amazing possibilities.”

She clarified that this season had emphasized all of the cracks in the ways we have been living. “Perhaps you have noticed those which have been doing this wrong…they are exposed?” She explained. “They are [becoming ] more greedy than. If that is one person, you may opt to go away. However, if that is a state or an institution — will you find the damage?”

2020’s closing number is four

Interestingly, the number four is connected with”making a better life for yourself,” Curcio said. Nevertheless, this greater life is only viable if you”put at the job” and live honestly.

“In Corona numerology, Number four will shake your bases should they have been shifty to start with. Any institutions who are being an imitation, they need to reevaluate — or they need to get exposed,” she shared.

“I knew this season was going to be rough — but I’d no idea it was going to be on the degree.”

Before you ask — yes, 2021 ought to be greater:

Next year we are working with number five. This, Curcio clarified, represents”The sky and the sea. Like, there is an infinity of chance.” The entire year is forecast to be about change and moving ahead.

She expanded on this, sharing those who have employed their time this season to signify “that they will only go incredibly” at 2021. “There is that light at the end of the tube.”

Nevertheless, those people who selected to sit down inside their selfish ways are”likely to be stuck.” It specifically signifies the rest of 2020 and the start of 2021 we clearly can not be sure of. However, regardless, there is a great deal of significance to Curcio’s words. We live through a very painful experience, but we are also being given a chance to rethink our priorities.

I presume something is amazing about the possibility of stepping into 2021 using a better knowledge of who you are and the way you want to strategy life post-COVID.

Source: Body And Soul


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