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Business Name Numerology: How to Pick a Lucky Name

by Mar 8, 2021Numerology Secrets

What is Business Name Numerology

Business Name Numerology: Business success generally associated with your fate. So you ask for the right business for you Astrologers, Palmists and Numerologist. Term right business means any business generates better income with less effort.

As the different kind of specialist told you that XYZ business is best for you, manipulate your planning, add manufacture best possible products or services, hire the best & skilled employees. I do not have any doubt that you have excellent business skills too.


No one knows why nothing is working many times. Your competitors are making tons of profit with the same type or sometimes even with inferior products. On the other hand, your expenses are more than your income. If it sounds like your story, you need to pay attention to this article. It is called Business Name Numerology.

Some day in past, Shakespeare told us, “What is in a Name?” and we really took it seriously. It was a famous dialogue from a play name Romeo & Juliet. Please ignore this Shakespeare’s quote because we are talking about your fate here. In India, when a child is born, we arrange the Name Ceremony function. We invite all of our known, relatives, family members and Pandit (Priest) who conduct the rituals of the ceremony. Pandit suggests the first letter of name according to Moon situation in Kundali. It is part of Astrology.

On the other hand, in numerology, we have control over all letters of a name. We create a name that suits your fate most. Sometimes it required only a slight change in letters, like my name is Ajay, although it suits me, but we can write Ajai too instead of Ajay. Pronunciation is the same or but the result is entirely different. Ajai name will lead me to the demon’s path.

You should be very careful with your Business name. Let us know the type of Business Name Numerology:

Methods to calculate Business Name Numerology

People asked one ubiquitous question from the beginning of time: How would my losses or less profit convert into colossal profit? Does only changing the name of my business is sufficient enough?

And the answer is,

“Not always, but Business Name Numerology is very effective in most of the cases.”

We have three very effective and powerful methods to turn our business losses into profits. So let us start to discuss our three methods for Business Numerology…

Pythagorean Method

Business Name Numerology Pythagorean MethodPythagoras was a very famous mathematician. Hypothetically we can say he knew the language of numbers. 

He told us that numbers have a significant effect on us. He created a table and allocated a particular number to every letter of the English language. It’s perhaps one of the very frequent and kind of beginner’s method. I have created the same table to know the numeric value of each letter. And know the expression number of your business name.

For example, we pick the NIKE shoe brand for our calculation. Now see the table and put every numeric value according to the table. When you got all numeric values, add them like below

N    I     K    E

5 + 9 + 2 + 5 = 21

We found a two-digit answer. Now again, add both numbers to get a single-digit number like below

2 + 1 = 3

So, the expression number of NIKE is 3.

Chaldean method

Business Name Numerology Chaldean methodIt’s frequently considered being a better method than the Pythagorean Method. We found many shreds of evidence that ancient Babylonians invented this Chaldean Method. No body knows when they invented it, study shows that 5000 years ago those people using this method. If you want to know the development of Numerology please let me know in the comment box. I will try to gather all information from every corner of the world and will tell you step by step development story of the Numerology in some other article.

In Chaldean numerology, we use a separate table for calculation, and you can see the image. Ancient Babylonians divided expression numbers into eight numbers categories. So expression might be different in both calculations. Have a look with the same brand name example

N   I     K     E

5 + 1 + 2 + 5 = 13

We found a two-digit answer. Now again, add both numbers to get a single-digit number like below

1 + 3 = 4

So, the expression number of NIKE, according to Chaldean Method, is 4.

Indian Method

There is always two-part of future prediction: the calculation part, and the second one is the correct analysis part. So if we look from the calculation aspect, Chaldean Method and Indian Method both are the same. But as we jump on to the second part, which is analysis, Indian numerologist are more accurate.

They developed nine kinds of tools filled with nine numbers in them. They knew very much about the energies behind every number, their behaviour, their limitations, and perfect combinations of numbers that lead you to success. I feel, in terms of prediction, part of Indian numerologist are better. I am sharing a Moon Tool called “Chandra Yantra” here for better understanding. If you have any problem related to the moon, this Yantra will kill all your problems. Cheap and the best way to end your biggest problem.

Chandra Yantra

What is the meaning of different Number Meaning in Business Name Numerology?

I think this is the part everyone is looking for. Here I want to declare that to calculate famouse and top USA brands I have taken Top 50 Names from Brand Ranking Website . I calculated Expression Numbers personally for every brand name. One more thing, I do not care which brand is number 1 or number 50. All I want, to give you the names, you are familiar with. So let us start the meaning part too.

Number 1:

No. 1 is regarded as an auspicious number from the numerology universe. It’s thought to become the number of leaders, innovators, original movers, and explorers.

You will be surprise to know that Microsoft is number 1 , the multinational tech giant, also, ” the very first matrimonial site of India. Both are the leaders and original movers within their disciplines. Few more examples of Expression Number 1 are Verizon, Wells Fargo, YouTube, UBER, Subway. 

Number 2:

Two number is about your team, companionship, relationship and stability. If your organization is linked to associations, unions, treatment or training, that number may help you.

By way of instance, among many leading hospitals in India, Max Healthcare comes with a saying number of two. Few more examples of Expression Number 2 are UPS, General Electric.

Number 3:

Here really is the number of self-expression, creativity and also the art of communicating and demonstration.

Aditya Birla Group is a superb instance with the number. Indeed one of the most popular collections in India, with organizations spread across 14 businesses, for example, communicating. Few more international brands with Expression Number 3 are MasterCard, Costco, Dell Technologies. 

Number 4:

Here really is the number of focus, base and techniques. Any firm related to homes, architecture or construction needs to thrive using a name using saying No. 4.

What’s more, the dynamic vibration with this number lets you finish your work in an organized manner. For that reason, any company that involves following set practices and methods such as accounting, CA, fund and insurance needs to gain using this number.

By way of instance, DLF says the number of 4 is now really a remarkable realestate programmer in India. Few more big brands with Expression Number 6 are Facebook, McDonald’s, Marlboro, Disney, Cisco, Salesforce, J.P. Morgan, T-Mobile.


Number 5:

5 and One will be both most favourite numbers of organizations. Five is the number of pleasure, experience and freedom. Therefore, if you intend to establish your trip V-Log or anything else associated with conveyance, afterwards, the name on this specific saying number should provide help.

By way of instance, the famed travel blog Goibibo, together side WeWork and Canva, has said No. 5. It is possible to discover several famous examples with the number. Few more examples of Expression Number 5 are U.S. Bank.

Number 6:

Here really is the number of healing, dwelling and stability. This number is excellent for any company connected to health, drugs, house, restaurants or even home-related services and products. By way of instance, the name Fortis Healthcare can add 6.

This number includes healing energy, such as the home. Perhaps it doesn’t bring money instantly but may entice a loyal audience (thanks to the homely feeling).

Suppose you are arranging for homemade food support, a spa or even perhaps a realestate firm. In that case, this number needs to provide help. Few more big brands with Expression Number 6 are Visa, AT&T, IBM, Starbucks, Intel, Citibank, LinkedIn.

Number 7:

Curiosity, spirituality, and introspection will be the three powerful words you’ll be able to connect for this particular number. You will wonder how it will help your enterprise.

Two outside of those top companies in India have saying numbers, namely Reliance Industries Limited and Bharti Airtel. Yet few famous brands are Tinder, Google, Amazon, Spectrum, Walmart, Budweiser, Pampers, ExxonMobil, Kentucky Fried Chicken, also.

Number 8:

Number 8 is best to get balance. It is but one of the very potent numbers and brings high energy. It’s the number of Saturn that will be regarded as a relatively healthy planet.

But this number ought to be chosen having just a tiny bit of maintenance as it will break or make your fortune.

Any firm associated with finance, legal, and also investment-related services must thrive on this particular name. Some powerful examples of the number are Citigroup and Morgan Stanley. Few more examples of Expression Number 8 are Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, PayPal, Xfinity, American Express. 

Number 9:

This number means philanthropy, idealism, and comprehensive transformation. It’s frequently called the celestial 9.’

This number is acceptable for organizations offering community support, fundraising, and complete transformations such as Patanjali Ayurved, Wipro, and fed ex,. Few more examples of Expression Number 9 are Accenture, Netflix, Oracle, Adobe, Chase, Colgate, Bank of America.


I hope the above article is sufficient for a start. This calculation is based on expression numbers, but I would suggest you should consider your Life path number, heart’s desire number and personality number too. If you include the above numbers, you will analyze better, and your findings will be more accurate.

And do not worry, I am leaving all links below for every kind of numbers.

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