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by Jul 7, 2019Expression/Destiny Numbers

What Is Expression Number or Destiny Number In Numerology

The Expression or Destiny Number is the next of the core numbers on your numerology chart. Calculating it and discovering its meaning will reveal a great deal of info about your natural abilities, skills, and abilities within this particular lifetime. While your Life Path Number (which comes from your birth date) describes the path of your travel through life, the Expression Number centers on what you, uniquely, have to provide to the entire world. Inside the art of numerology, here is the number that contains information about your underlying abilities, abilities, and skills. However, also about your shortcomings and the possible challenges you might face. As a result of this, it offers valuable insights into your character’s regions that, with work and development, could become your most significant strengths. Therefore, the Destiny Number is often believed to be the blueprint of your potential.


Once decoded, this number forms a compelling portrait of your inherited history up to the moment of your birth. Following this point, it is your decision about how your story continues. After all, we each choose our fate! However, you will carry this robust coding together with you personally for the remainder of your life.


In numerology, we calculate the Expression Number using the corresponding numbers for every letter in your full name in the beginning, according to the Pythagorean system. These are then summed and reduced before a single digit (or master number) is shown. Remember that this number cannot come from the nickname or your married name. It must be your birth certificate name (that is, the first name, middle name/s, and surname/s). If your name spelling is incorrect on your birth certificate, use that to configure your Destiny number.

  • Take the values assigned to each letter of your real name and add them all together.
  • Add those numbers together, and reduce this into one digit (or master number) Easy!

The way that we do so in numerology is by using the alphabet conversion chart below:

Calculation Chart for Expression or Destiny Number

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


The Master Number Exception: 11 and 22 are all Master Numbers, and they have special meanings that require stand-alone readings. If you achieve 11 or 22, you do not have to continue decreasing until you reach just one digit. So stop your calculation there.

Let us go through this calculation, step by step, using the fiancé of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, for instance. Her full birth name is Rachel Meghan Markle. Take the values assigned to each letter of your whole name and add all of them together. Rachel Meghan Markle is: 9 + 1 + 3 + 8 + 5 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 7 + 8 +1 + 5 + 4 + 1 + 9 +2 + 3 + 5 = 83 Then add those 2 numbers together, and decrease this to one digit (or master number) For Meghan this really is: 8 + 3 = 11 Her Expression Number is 11 (we do not have to decrease this further, as 11 is a master number).


Expression number reveals a person’s natural abilities and real possibility. It is intriguing that shortly after getting engaged to Prince Harry back at the end of 2017, Meghan declared her intention to retire from acting and pursue humanitarian work. The Number 11 carries the undertone of two, whose strength is to comprehend and connect to others. All these are essential attributes for an actor to be persuasive (that Meghan certainly is). 

Along with the inspired imagination of the 11, she has had an incredible career up to now. However, in 2003, Meghan obtained a joint degree in Theatre and International Studies that indicates that she knew even then, she had been destined for a different path. Expression 11s are often full of visionary ideas and advice; and possess the rare gift of using and applying these suggestions to improve the lives of many, many men and women. 

Her desire to operate in more altruistic functions clearly shows how her aptitude in this region is presently coming to the fore. Expression 11s also have a profound moral code that seeks to create equality and equity for all. When Meghan was only 11 years old (there is that number again!) She successfully campaigned to get a TV company to change a nationwide television commercial she termed was sexist. Her strong personality and persuasive passion have been with her from the beginning! The exceptionally inventive genius possessed by those with a Destiny Number 11 means that anything they turn their hand to will flourish. 

A number of these spiritually aware men and women channel their energies into the greater good. Therefore Meghan’s ongoing passion for humanitarian issues implies that she can achieve great things in her new and powerful royal position.


Expression 11s also inspire the others, and we can only imagine the exceptional charisma required to charm a Prince! The highly individual character of Expression 11s can, on occasion, create relationships a struggle but coupled with the intuitive gifts also owned by this number. Likely, Meghan will instinctively understand how to keep the balance in their union, allowing both her and Harry to thrive. We sure hope so!


Once you have calculated your Destiny Number (or your nearest and dearest ) using the procedure described above, keep reading to find the corresponding readings…


You express yourself best through your liberty. Your talents will be your originality, confidence, and ability to start strategies into motion. Willing to try new things, you are bold and courageous and Occasionally express a competitive streak. You have the potential to become incredibly successful and equally profitable if you can learn to effectively apply these initiating, self-starting abilities as you journey through life. 

Professionally and socially, you are frequently the individual that”makes things happen” and convey a genuine urge to attain your objectives, whatever the cost. You would make a fantastic entrepreneur and perform best by hitting yourself and taking the lead in whatever you find yourself doing. Your highest potential is to become the leader of something great.


You express yourself best through relating to others. Your gift is your sharp instincts for what is correct, your diplomacy, and excellent negotiation skills. Always willing to work alongside others, you have a solid understanding of balance and equity. Destiny Number 2s often have a strong urge to find justice and make equality in the world. If it is possible to learn how to trust yourself and apply your unique abilities. As you walk your path, you will achieve extraordinary heights!

Socially you are incredibly likable and make many friends that which provides you a massive sphere of influence. However, your modesty means that one of your challenges will be to accept a charge for your work. You work best in a team, so success for you frequently comes down to”whom you know.” You will also do well in supportive roles, particularly when you unite your efforts with somebody more powerful than you.


You express yourself best through the arts. Your gifts may be writing, talking, singing, acting, teaching, or litigating, promoting, designing, or even composing music. Even though you may not realize it, among your right gifts is the average ability to uplift and inspire others with your own words and thoughts.

Suppose you can discover the perfect channel for your unique voice. In that case, your real goal will likely emerge creatively, and happiness and fulfillment will be found. Professionally, fame often lies in the potential future of Destiny Number 3. Therefore your surroundings must be secure and nurturing so that your abilities are permitted to flourish.


You say yourself by grounding energy. Your skills include project management, administration, and anything to do with business, as you are highly systematic by character and flourish in orderly, regulated atmospheres. You are also hugely practical, work well with your hands. And moreover you have an innate comprehension of construction, design, and rhythm.

You have the potential to invent or produce systems and plans that will alleviate humankind’s burdens. Professionally, Number 4 is both trusted and exact, making excellent surgeons, architects, engineers, or even musicians. You will find success and fulfillment when your efforts are channeled into projects which may benefit the greater good.


You say yourself through the motion of energy. You are blessed with many abilities and skills and can sustain more than one career at a time. Willing to try anything new and unknown, you risk the danger of becoming a jack of all trades and a master of none. However, your multi-faceted resume allows you to indulge your adventurous spirit, remain free, and withstand being bound to one thing.

You are a philosophical individual who is endlessly fascinated by human nature and strive to experience all of it! You may reach your highest potential when you discover ways to efficiently impart your kind of wisdom to people who need to hear it. Furthermore, you may earn a great instructor in the standard feel, or break free from convention and find your perfect role doing something more peculiar…!


You express yourself best through others. Your talents are your capacity to witness and maintain space for others and take good care of and uplift the spirits of your kin. Instinctively mindful of what is required by people needing, you provide a haven for many men and women.

You likely measure your success through how much you are in a position to improve others’ lives. Expression 6s excel as physicians, nurses, psychologists, and almost any occupations involving caring for their elderly, the sick, or the bad. Your most tremendous potential is restoring equilibrium to ailing individuals or communities and uplifting love by offering it unconditionally.


You express yourself best by trusting where your path leads. Your abilities combine the intelligence of your heart and mind and follow your instinct to detect deeper meanings in life. Endlessly seeking knowledge, you may have a passion for mysticism, the occult sciences, faith, or social anthropology. Your expression number’s highest potential is the invention of new notions, thoughts, or theories.

And finding the means to express these into the world. Socially, it is very likely that you have reclusive trends as your abilities, talents, and interests run more profound than simple small talk. In your professional life, if you can learn to navigate new institutions and companies. You have the potential to reach extreme heights of success in study, higher education, and academia.


You say yourself by producing prosperity. Now you have a natural knack for making money that is unrivaled by other Expression Numbers. Many Expression 8s are born into wealthy families, which gives them a ready-made pair of privileges that set them in good stead for high achievement in life. Whether this is true for you.

You still have considerable potential to succeed in business and attain a position of high leverage. Expression 8s make excellent bankers, stockbrokers, and accountants. Business and commerce are important places, but your most significant potential in life is not merely to get rich. It is to understand how to acquire wealth without the others losing out, and then distribute this wealth equitably.


You express yourself best by calling other people to action to construct a better world. Your abilities are your innate understanding of human nature, your idealist vision, and your unfailing optimism. Concerned with social and humanitarian causes, you are philanthropic and wish only for a better world. You are kind, considerate, and inviting and enjoy all introverted 9s would create an excellent teacher, adviser, or spiritual or religious guide.

It is unlikely that you are very career-driven, as your presents cannot be pigeonholed. You assist and encourage people in whatever ways are essential. As such, your life experiences are numerous and varied. Your highest potential in life is to attain an enlightened perspective and inspire others by embodying your presents, as well as advising them on their best and highest avenues forward.


You express yourself best through your spirituality. You are a channel for much high frequency, religious information, and you likely have untapped psychic gifts. In the right environment, you may transform the world with your innate power and knowing. Although you might not understand it, among your right gifts is your natural ability to inspire other people to express their inner truth.

However, expressing yourself and your vulnerabilities will be a challenge to you. They will be the catalyst for releasing this innate gift in you and developing a more positive, transformative effect on other people’s lives. You might be a lightworker and be drawn to the path of mysticism, astrology, tarot, or Reiki. Many Expression 11s also become successful healers. Your highest potential is to direct others towards attaining an enlightened perspective.


You say yourself best by constructing the world of the future. Your genius will be holding eyesight and re-shaping your reality to make it materialize! The number 22 is called”the Master Builder” because people with this number in their charts can demonstrate significant earthly plane changes. They generally do this via an empire’s building, while it is social, financial, or religious.

You may not realize the power that you hold, so you must find ways to the clinic and bend your muscles! Your dreams are daring, intuitive, and fundamentally beneficial for humankind. Your most significant potential would be to deliver the ideals you hold in your heart into everyday reality through orderly and functional means.

Often through effective delegation and the healthy management of groups of other people, so that your energy can be maintained and channeled into a creative idea. THE DESTINY NUMBER IS AN INCREDIBLE AND VITAL PART OF YOUR NUMEROLOGY CHART. Have these free readings offered you insight and lighting? What have you discovered about yourself? Please speak with us under!

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