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MASTER NUMBER 11: People with the master number 11 are called old souls, and they have all the same features of a life span two but enhanced. They should be aware of the effect of their number, and a few of the greatest challenges is learning to accept and lean onto their faith rather than logic.

Recognized as the most spiritual vibration in numerology, their overriding mission in life is to aid others. They have a keen instinct that helps them keep a mature outlook and thought processes. This insight seems to others as a clairvoyant or psychic ability. This unique set of abilities is directly linked to their ability to empathize.

It’s essential to be aware that the number 11 is the very first master number and the first of three root numbers.


Individuals with the master number 11 are sensitive, charismatic, spiritual, intelligent, strong, responsive, relatable, intuitive, respectful and mature. The mixture of the intellect and perceptive character makes them appear to have supernatural gifts. They are amazingly creative and frequently stick out in the audience. People having the master number 11 are also loving and observant.


They have been born to serve others, and people with this master number don’t have any issue publicly accepting and seeing different viewpoints. This attribute is a direct correlation to their own ability to be empathetic.

Additionally, master number 11s enjoys and prefers a routine, also feels an extreme duty to other people. If they can learn how to balance their abilities and religion, most folks with this shaking will lead rewarding and extraordinary lives.


Because individuals with this vibration are a powerful force to be reckoned with, they are usually punished for places in politics and management. Their creative nature is conducive to careers in the arts. People who have the number 11 master number might also do well in finance and business.


Concerning love, individuals with this master number prefer people with similar interests, and their keen insights make them mindful of the partner’s feelings constantly. They are normally attractive and loyal, and they put considerable effort into making a relationship work.


Individuals with master number 11 will frequently suffer from sleeplessness, plus they have a tendency to develop unhealthy habits. If you are a person with this vibration, then stay away from drugs and alcohol completely.


Recognizing their vibration is the most important bit of information for anyone with this number, and they need to learn to balance their lifestyle. Because this master number is indeed goal-oriented, a lack of focus and understanding will cause self-sabotage. They must learn to appreciate their presence, in addition to combat bouts of self-consciousness and self-criticism.

Some individuals with this number might reveal signs of hypersensitivity. Spending considerable time consumed with work or other issues causes this issue. They need to learn to relax. They will have a propensity to bite off more than they could chew, and take on too much responsibility, so, contributing to stress, nervousness, and depression.


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